LUMOMED Laser therapy

Each of the five trillion cells of our body has to provide energy for itself. If the cells experience an energy crisis (e.g. in case of illness or injury), they signal their distress to us in the form of pain and dysfunction. All cells of the biosphere use the same kind of power plants to produce and supply themselves with the vitally important cellular energy ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is essential for their function and survival. Any kind of cellular work is accomplished by using ATP.


Cellular power plant


Pyruvate, light energy


Antennae pigments


ATP, laser light

Laser light provides a unique possibility of directly increasing the production of cellular energy (ATP). Our “cellular power plants” (mitochondria) are built in a way that enables them to convert photo energy (= light energy) into chemical energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP = cell energy) which is used for the normal metabolic but also for regenerative processes in our body. The natural solar radiation is also absorbed by the antennae pigments and transmitted into the mitochondria where it stimulates the production of ATP.In spite of numerous studies about Laser therapy for the treatment of hearing problems, this therapy is still discussed controversially by German orthodox medicine. Thus, it is so far only a complementary treatment.


Laser light


Laser light

Laser light is compressed light stemming from the red and infrared spectrum of the visible portion of electromagnetic radiation (=light). If the light beam of the Low-Level-Laser penetrates a body cell it is immediately taken up by the “cellular power plants” and used to produce more cellular energy (ATP). Laser light, thus, boosts the cell’s metabolism and improves its vitality. If the cells of our inner ear have a sufficient supply of cellular energy they can carry out their normal functions and the processes of self-healing perfectly. By administering Laser light the cellular functions are optimized